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Membership Types and Benefits

The aim of the Association is to bring together the very best in the field of equestrian biomechanics
to showcase knowledge, experience and training.

Member (MIAEB)

Membership of the Association is open to those who have acquired an acceptable, demonstrable level of achievement in their field and who have completed a recognized training program approved by the IAEB. (If this is not you we would still love for you to join and access all other membership benefits as listed under Associate Membership.)

Recognized training programs gain approval by being audited, either through the submission of adequate proof of suitability or by an in-person audit process. Any program applying for in-person audits would be required to cover travel/accommodation costs for the auditor.

Benefits of Membership:

All the benefits available to Associate members, plus recognition by being listed as Members on the website, should you desire, with links and ability to promote your Biomechanics related business on the Association’s FB page.

After joining as an Associate Member Please CLICK HERE if you believe you qualify for Membership for an additional £15.
If not approved at this time, you will still be an Associate Member with all rights and privileges.

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Honorary Members  (HIAEB)

The Association wishes to recognize a select group of individuals and organizations as Honorary Members,  in recognition of their depth of leadership, expertise and experience in their fields.

See the list of Honorary Members  - HERE

Associate Member (AIAEB)

Associate Membership of the Association is open to anyone with an interest in Equestrian Biomechanics.

Benefits of Associate Membership:

Access to the archive of articles

Eligibility to join the IAEB Members' Facebook page and contribute to discussions

Access to the list of MIAEB members

Special Member's pricing when available from Honorary and Members and others

Special Member's pricing on Symposia registration and other events

Training opportunities.

Price's are for annual membership

Associate Member (AIAEB)

Junior Associate Member (AIAEB)

Senior Associate Member (AIAEB)